Our Advisory Council

Stand Up For Your Rights is pleased and grateful to have advisors who care about our planet, the people on it and their common future. They stand up for your rights. They do so as individuals belonging to the global community, operate in their personal capacity and do not represent the organisation(s) they work for.

Our Advisory Council currently consist of:

Dr. Lena Aahlby, Director and Founder of Sydney-based StrategyforChange Consultancy. Former Programme Director for Greenpeace Int. HQ. Has 20+ years of experience in leadership functions primarily in campaign and programme development all over the globe.

Ms. Sylvia Borren, Co-chair of the Global Call to Action against Poverty, Member of the Advisory Council on International Affairs for the Dutch government, Co-chair of the Worldconnectors, Executive Director (ED) of Greenpeace NL and former ED of Oxfam Novib NL.

Ms. Sarah Burton, Deputy Programme Director Greenpeace Int. HQ. Former Campaign Programme Director Amnesty International HQ, Board Member Natural England and Council Member for English Nature.

Prof. Cees Flinterman, Honorary Professor of Human Rights. Member of the UN Human Rights Committee and (former) UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Member of the Advisory Council on International Affairs. Former Director of the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) and the School of Human Rights Research.

Prof. Willem van Genugten, Professor of International Law and Human Rights. Member ILA Committee on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Chair of the Commission on Human Rights of the Advisory Council on International Affairs. Chair of NWO/WOTRO Science for Global Development. Former Board Chair of the Netherlands School of Human Rights Research.


We were honoured to have

Prof. Ruud Lubbers, Minister of State of The Netherlands, Earth Charter Commission Member, Worldconnector and Chair of the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF, the University of Tilburg and the Rotterdam Climate Initiative.
as a founding member on our Advisory Council. Unfortunately he passed away in 2018.