Stand Up For Your Rights exists because we feel the world needs a rights-based approach to a sustainable future for all humans and all life. We have been positively pushing for the last 15 years to acknowledge and uphold human rights and nature rights. By focusing on a sustainable future for people and all beings on planet earth, we aim to connect, inspire and create a lasting impact.

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The first European forest to own itself in France

High in the mountains of France, overlooking Geneva ('global capital' in terms of human rights) lies a beautiful forest of approximately 30 hectares. The forest is a Natura2000 area and is home to lots of biodiversity and has a high ecological value. We want to take this forest of the market and protect it forever. Via Stand Up For Your Rights we will set up a foundation in France that buys the forest and takes it of the market forever through its statutes. We will work together with French notaries and we will involve and work with local actors. Send us a message if you want to be involved. All help is needed to protect nature forever.


If you wish to donate to this project directly, please send a bank transfer for ''Bos van zichzelf'' in the description to:

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Soon: Rights of Nature Academy

Soon more on the Rights of Nature Academy